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What’s behind depression?

Depression can affect anyone. In the UK, around 1 in 5 people experience depression or anxiety according to official figures (*). In Camden, about 28 000 people were described as suffering from depression in 2014-2015 (**). At least 1 in 10 of the borough’s population… Depression is all too common. Clinical psychologist at iCope, a psychological therapies service in Camden and Islington, Dr. Helen Page explains what the symptoms are and gives essential advices to help us cope with it.
(*UK Understanding Society: Household Longitidunal Studies, 2013/2014)
(**Camden Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, 2014/2015)

iCope is a NHS service that provides, among other things, talking therapies to people suffering from psychological problems such as anxiety and depression (which could be complemented, of course, by medication provided by GPs). The service is free. To access it, you need to be registered with a general practitioner and be over the age of 18.Tel. : 02033175600 (Camden), 03031231000 (Islington). Website : icope.nhs.uk

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