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Volunteering Is....with Home-Start Camden

“I didn’t think four hours a week would make that much difference but … the home seems a lot happier”. Hear the difference Adrienne has made by supporting a family through Home Start Camden. Anna Francis, Family and Volunteering Co-ordinator explains how to capitalise on your parenting skills and recommends Volunteer Centre Camden’s Volunteering Fairs.

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Camden Unlocked for 1812 - International Migrants's Day

The 18th December is the UN backed day for celebrating migrants all over the world. Camden mum, Cina Aissa, whose own heritage is mixed French and North African, goes looking for migrants. She visits the Migrant Resource Centre in Victoria and is impressed by both staff and users. She visits the Platforma Festival where art and conversation are used to give expression to the experiences of a wide range of migrants and refugees. Alex McDonnell, who supports Irish migrants through the Aisling Project tells Cina how it works and a Chinese key cutter in Kentish Town shares the origin of the signs he makes to deal with his quirky customers. Finally she hears from a white British mum about her take on the presence of migrants in Camden. Hear what she makes of it all. Over 70 Stations will broadcast locally and online.

Presented by: Cina Aissa
Recorded & Edited by: Cina Aissa

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Camden Unlocked Refugee Week Radio 2011

Camden Unlocked celebrates Refugee Week with:
Interviews with Hari and with Peter Tatchell about the issues facing LGBT Refugees and Asylum Seekers from Sri Lanka
Interview with Sheila Hayman of ‘Freedom From Torture’ about their creative writing project.
Report from 15th Anniversary Celebration of Camden’s British Somali Community
Interviews with ‘Movement for Justice’ about its work to support asylum seekers and with a Gay Asylum Seeker from Senegal.

Presented by: Jayson Mansaray
Features by: Harriet Bird and Marian Larragy
Edited by: Aaron McCarter

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Camden Unlocked for1812

Marc Lee Brown provides the unique music for Camden Community Radio’s Camden Unlocked for international Migrants Day. Ben Cooper talks with Jack Beula about the highs and lows of his innovative career. He also investigates the mystery of the disappearing Chilean mural in Chalk Farm. Harriet Bird meets a lot of people at the SomersTown Festival of Cultures and Marian Larragy talks with Valerie Amajoutt about aspects of life as a migrant. This programme was broadcast by London Link Radio as part of International Migrants Day Radio Broadcast for 1812.

Presented by: Marian Larragy
Produced and edited by: Marian Larragy
Music by: Marc Lee Brown

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