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Was Trump Inspired by the Kindertransport?

Is it ever okay to separate a child from their parents? Fingers Crossed Theatre Company explore the effect of separation and immigration on a person’s identity, in their devised play ‘Central (Story) Line’. Three Jewish children arrive in London on the Kindertransport, fleeing from the Nazis. They find themselves at Liverpool Street Station – with no one there to pick them up. This show combines pop culture (Elvis, The Doors, Abba, Britney) with political speeches to explore how these children develop through the decades. How does it feel to be an immigrant in a fast-changing world, and what effect does that initial separation have? Touching on universal topics from love, to loss, to fitting in, this show combines humour with poignance and some classic songs – oh, and it’s also entirely set on the tube!

Package by: Alex Hattenstone

# 2018-09-08 by CCRadio | Everything | Society, Culture & History

How To Win At Break Ups

If you’ve ever wanted to get on top of modern dating etiquette, then this is the show for you. Director Sally Wood and the cast and crew of Camden Fringe comedy, ‘How To Win At Break Ups’ talk to Alix Hattenstone about their hilarious and emotional show. Based on recorded interviews, this show looks at the age-old question of how to be happy again after heartbreak, and the even more pressing question – should you like his Instagram or not?

Camden Fringe runs until 26th August.

Package: Alix Hattenstone

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Kickstarting New Careers Through Access Courses

Matthew Clarke and Bradley Moon both left school at 16 with low qualifications. Matthew struggled with dyslexia and a lack of support at school. Bradley wasn’t interested in education, preferring to play football. Later in life, they each discovered the Access to Higher Education Programme, which has changed their lives. Here they talk with Camden Community Radio’s Alix Hattenstone about how Matthew has graduated with a first class Degree in Sports Science and Bradley is going into the third year of a Degree in Biomedical Science.

Package by:Alix Hattenstone
Recording: Violet Macdonald

# 2018-08-21 by CCRadio | Everything | Information about local services | Young People

Aysen Soyer LLB: On prenuptial agreements

Aysen Soyer is a Family Law Solicitor at Wilsons Solicitors in Tottenham. In a new series for Camden Community Radio, Aysen discusses some of the most common questions that she gets from her clients. For the fifth episode, Aysen covers everything you need to know about prenuptial agreements, and what you should do if you’re thinking of getting one.

If you have any questions or comments for Aysen, you can email her on camdencommunityradio@gmail.com, or tweet @CCRadio.

Package by Aysen Soyer and Violet Macdonald

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